The Japanese Tree album is out now on vinyl, limited edition of translucent green.





'The Japanese Tree' album contains 10 songs in an acoustic arrangement (guitar, piano, voice, cello, bass, accordion, guitar bowing, percussion, lap-steel) and represents a special discography material in the national musical landscape through both the fine vocal interpretation of the artist and the original compositions, having a range of diverse moods, placed as chapters of a story of the heart, to be kept and remembered in singed lyrics.


In this third disc, Elven Bird, through English verses and the style put forth, becomes a singer-songwriter who transforms happenings and facts of life into music and feelings. The album is materialized on a 180g vinyl support, limited edition of translucent green and was produced without harming the environment.


For this disc that passes through indie-folk, Americana, gospel-blues, introduces a calming flowing piano showing shadows of jazz and a mood of melancholy and dreaming, comes back to a finger-style guitar, heads to Asian and Classical music and offers an ambient part in storytelling fashion, many valuable and talented musicians from Romania have collaborated in the recording. The album title is given by a duet song with Dan Byron.


The 'Elven Bird' name signifies a mysterious bird of the elves who sings her story regardless of the number of souls that listen, just for the joy of singing and being under the night sky. It is inspired from Tolkien's mythology, in which he spoke of the elves that were singing solitary under the stars, in the complete wonder of the world, seen from the outside as well as from deep down inside.







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